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Happy New Year! After a relaxing Chrhistmas and fun New Year spent with the family eating too much of everythign the only way to start the new year is with something fresh and light. The restaurant of January is the delightful little sushi place Sushi Lounge opposite to Tikkurila Railway station.

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The restaurant opened in March 2016 and is a well welcomed addition to the restaurant scene in Tikkurila. They serve lunch on weekdays but are opened until later and on weekends. They also do take away so it’s the perfect choice for the lazy school nights when cooking isn’t an option or when you just want to eat really good sushi!

sushi lounge, lounas, tikkurila, kuukauden rainvtola tammikuu, blogiFriendly staff welcomes you to this relaxed little place.

People have found Sushi lounge and come from all over the Helsinki region to dine or to get take away. No wonder as the food is really good and the location superb.

I went there during lunch time and it was nice and busy. I was really hungry so I ordered the Gozen meal from their lunch menu which included a miso soup, a fresh sallad, a ten piece sushi combo and an extra dish that I could choose from three different options. I took the teriyaki eel with rise. The meal was delicious. I really enjoy japanese style food as it leaves you feeling nice and full but not stuffed. Coffee and green tea are included in the meal.kuukauden ravintola tammikuu

Eating is also an aesthetic experience and everything they served was simply beautiful. Everything is prepared on spot and it is really fresh.sushi lounge

sushi lounge, lounasThere’s a nice Pacific twist to the place and menu as the main Chef is from the Japanese Pacific Island Okinawa.

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In 2017 Sushi lounge will launche a new vegan menu that includes a white wine suitable for a vegan diet. They will also widen their selection of wines and concetrate more on organic wines. The owner Ville promisest that they won’t forget meat lovers either and continues on by saying that their BoraBora bacon sushiroll will stay on the menu. “The combination of bacon and parsley is trendy in Japan at the moment although quite rare in a sushi roll.”, Ville ads with a smile.

Lunch on weekdays from 11.00 to 15.00
Opening hours:
Mon-Thu 11 – 20.30
Fri 11 – 22
Sat 12 – 22
Sun 12 – 18

Next time you are thinking of where to go for a great meal, come to Tikkurila (only 12min from Helsinki City Centre by train) and join the ever growing group of Sushi lounge lovers.

Sushi Lounge website
Follow them on Instagram #sushiloungetikkurila

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