Trattoria Limone – Restaurant of the Month

In May we are all about Kivistö and its great restaurants & cafe’s. Kivistö is a rapidly growing area in West Vantaa with great connections to Helsinki Airport and Helsinki City Centre. It has interesting new architecture eg. the biggest wooden apartment building in Northern Europe that was built for the Housing Fair in 2015. New restaurant, bars and cafe’s have started to emerge. This Month we chose Trattoria Limone, an Italian restaurant as the Restaurant of the Month. Our Cafe’s of the Month is in the next block. Read more about it here Beer & Cafe Solmu

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When you walk in the owner of the restaurant greets you with an energetic “Buongiorno!” and just like that you are swooped to Italy. You’ll hear Radio Italia playing in the background and see all things Italian around you.
The restaurant is much more than a pizzeria, they serve pasta, risotto, sallads and more as the name Trattoria requires. vantaa, lounas, pizzeria

I went there during lunch time and was hungry for a pizza. Trattoria severs lunch between 11 am- 3pm.
I chose the Pizza Sorrizo but would have also wanted to try their Pizza Speciale. Have you tried it yet? Was it good? All meals include their sallad buffet. You can order the food home through their website. Unfortunately the linki is only in Finnish but I’ll put here anyway just in case ODER HERE

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They only use authentic Italian ingredients in their food to give their dishes the more authentic feel and taste. They also sell some products that you can buy home. Mother’s Day is coming!? They also serve a nice Italian wine called Todaro. They have a really interesting story that you can read here.


My Pizza Sorriso (pizza smile) came quickly and tasted really good. It had eggplant, capsicum, fresh tomatoes, salami and mozzarella. Bet you’d want a piece too?!

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As dessert I ordered a real Italian espresso.

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You can also book Trattoria Limone for your parties and other events. You don’t have to do it all by yourself, you know? For the more busier days like the coming Mother’s Day on  Sunday 13th it is recommended to book a table in advance.

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I can really recommend Trattoria Limone if you like good food and relaxed atmosphere. You will leave with you tummy full and happy spirits. Hop on the I-train from Helsinki City Centre or P-train from the Helsinki Airport and head to Kivistö for a foodtrip to Kivistö.

OPening hours:
Mon – Fri 11.00 – 21.00
Sat 11.00 – 22.00
Sun klo 12.00 – 21.00

Jaspiskuja 2
01700 Vantaa
Website only in Finnish

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