Finland’s main international airport is located in Vantaa. It’s compact, has great services, and there are great connections to Helsinki (train 30 min, bus 45 min or taxi 20 min) as well as to the rest of Finland. The airport has been voted among the best airports in Europe every year since 1995. Year 2017 the airport hit the 18 million passenger landmark. Helsinki Airport has the best snow knowhow in the world. No matter what the weather, planes will land and take off. The only time it has had to close due to heavy snow fall was in 2003 and even then it was only for 30 minutes.

Services at the airport

Are you travelling? Picking up? Transfering?

Helsinki-Vantaan lentoaseman kirjanvaihto-piste
Eat & drink

There are many places to choose from!

Helsinki-Vantaa lentoasema ravintola
Helsinki-Vantaa lentoaseman ostospiste
where to shop

You can get Finnish design, food and sweet. There are also luxury brands and all sorts of goods.

Hotelli Hilton Helsinki-Vantaan lentoasemalla
Sleep at the airport

If you need a proper rest book a room at GLO or Hillton hotel.

Flight on time?

Arriving and departing flights here!

Lentokone laskeutumassa Helsinki-Vantaalle
Parking at Helsinki Ariport

Where to park before you leave?

Helsinki-Vantaan lentoasema
lentoparkki parking airport finland
short visit

I'm dropping off or picking up.

Kehärata Aviapoliksen juna-asema
TO/From the airport

Connections by bus, train or taxi.

Directions to the airport

How to drive to the airport?

Helsinki-Vantaan lentokenttä
Business traveller

Conference services at the airport.

Helsinki Airport Congress Center
Kahvilla Jumbossa

What to do when you have time inbetween flights?

Regional Tourist info

Tips on sights, events, restaurants, shopping venues or other travel services in Arrivals Hall 2A.

train to the airport

Take the train to/from the Helsinki Airport.

Hop on the tracks

Watch the video for ideas what to do in Vantaa!

heureka vantaa science centre
Ruusuja Vantaa
Love at the airport

An airport is full of emotions. Video partly in Finnish.

I was really tired and needed some own space and found these awsome eggs to sleep in that are called GoSleep-sleeping pods. If you want to work inside it, no worries! And the best thing is that the pods are free of charge between 6am – 10pm! – Mark, Perth.

Visit Vantaa